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This online privacy policy was last updated on November 28th, 2022


Mainstreet Medical Center (“We,” “Us,” “Our”) remains dedicated to protecting your personal information. For your privacy and security, we believe in the transparency of informing you about how we collect, share, use, and otherwise process your data. This Privacy Policy (the “privacy policy”) uses your interactions with our website to describe how we collect your information. Protected health information does NOT apply to this policy.

Our services are provided to a “covered entity” under the “Business Associate under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996” (HIPAA). The Protected Health Information (“PHI”) that we collect, maintain, use, receive, and disclose is done only in a way that is applicable by law.


Notice. This privacy policy collects the following information from the section “How is Your Information Used and Shared?”. The information listed below may also be obtained from data vendors to supplement the data that was collected from you. Personal information about other people should only be shared IF and only WHEN you have been given permission. Information Mainstreet Medical Center may collect includes:

  • Contact Information: The contact information collected typically includes names, email addresses, street addresses, zip codes, phone numbers, usernames, passwords, dates of birth, and any information you, the user, provide us in messages. Contact information may be used for various purposes, including registering accounts, providing information regarding services, responding to inquiries, and sending email alerts.
  • Cookies. Cookies are bundles of data that websites store on your computer or mobile device’s hard drive so that your computer will store the information regarding your use. First and third-party session cookies are used in our services, as well as persistent cookies (which can remain on your device for an extended amount of time or until deleted). Some of these cookies involve storing your password so you do not have to enter it more than once. Please note that with persistent cookies, we may be able to track and target the interests of our visitors so that we may personalize our services.
  • You may be able to turn off the cookies feature from your device if you wish not to accept our cookies. Please consult your browser’s documentation for information on how to delete cookies or disable the feature. Full disclosure: Certain services may not properly function if you choose not to accept cookies from our site.
  • Support and feedback. In addition to the contact information we collect, we may provide support and feedback on the following: reviews, ratings, comments, content, and messages that you may provide. A log of personal information you provided may be collected if you contact us for support via email, phone, chat, or social media, or if you report an issue, provide feedback, respond to surveys, or engage or submit any other form of content. Please note that your contact information may be provided to Mainstreet Medical Center personnel. This information is solely for any or all the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy.
  • Quality Assurance. Your personal information may be used to monitor data for quality assurance purposes. Your contact information can be associated with this, and we will use and share information necessary for our services. For example, your results may be shared with our communications vendors.
  • Usage. Usage information is automatically used on your mobile device or browser when you visit Usage information may include any of the following: browser type, access time, time zone, geolocation, Internet Protocol (IP) address, device identifier, search terms, and data on the pages you visit and how you interact with the site.

Other Technologies used: Other automated data collection technologies, apart from cookies, may be used to collect data as a user navigates our website. Other similar technologies include:

  • Social Widgets: Social widgets allow you to interact with social media services via buttons or icons provided by third-party social media platforms. These buttons and icons may collect browsing data from a third party that provided the widget.
  • Web Beacons: Web beacons are tiny graphics, often called GIFs or “web pixels,” that have unique identifiers used to understand activity while browsing. Web beacons are rendered invisible on a web page when you open them, unlike cookies stored on a user’s device.
  • UTM Codes: When you go from one website to the next, strings can appear in a Uniform Resource Locator (URL); this is a UTM Code. These strings may represent browsing information, such as where and how the user received the page.

How is Your Information Used and Shared?

Mainstreet Medical Center collects, maintains, uses, receives, and discloses personal information only in a way that is applicable and permitted by law.

  • Discovering fraud
  • Preventing loss
  • Managing a professional relationship
  • Improving testing, analysis, development, and research
  • Delivering services at your request
  • Providing you with your personal information
  • Sending and registering for emails
  • Facilitating communication
  • Administering surveys or promotions
  • Engaging on social media
  • Recognizing interactions
  • Enforcing policies and rules
  • Fulfilling obligations
  • Ensuring property and personal safety
  • Complying with the law, including law enforcement agencies and their investigations

Where and to whom is your information being shared?

Mainstreet Medical Center may use personal information collected when permitted by law and may share the information described above in the following applicable contexts:

  • Professional Advisors: Your information may be disclosed to professional advisors and insurers, including accountants and lawyers requesting data access.
  • Legal Obligations: Court orders, warrants, subpoenas, and any other legal obligations and rights qualify to release the information disclosed in this policy. Your information may also be shared to defend and exercise our legal rights against legal claims or to investigate, act against, or prevent suspected fraud, violation of contract, or illegal activities.
  • Service Providers: Service providers assist us in providing; customer support, marketing, promotions, and technical support. Such providers may be given your information for operational support services on our behalf.
  • Corporate Affiliates: Respective employees, professional directors, advisors, agents, and officers may be provided your information.
  • Aggregated Data: Information including our users and other non-specific data, including demographics, is considered aggregated data and may be shared.


We understand how important the integrity of your information is to you. We issue safeguards to ensure that your personal data always remains secure. All the personal information that you provide is in a controlled environment. The employees of Mainstreet Medical Center have limited access to your information based on their responsibilities. As described in this privacy policy, every employee is instructed on the importance of protecting the confidentiality of personal information.

While we take every measure to ensure we maintain your personal information safe, we cannot guarantee. You should not expect that your personal information will always be secure, as every system risks becoming unsecure. You, the user, also manage how you disclose your information and should be cautious of how you share it. Avoid sending your personal information via unsecured emails.


Mainstreet Medical Center reserves the right to, at any time, update, change, or modify this privacy policy. Shall we decide to make changes, modifications, or updates to this privacy policy, we shall do so immediately, without disclosure.

As a user of this site, this Privacy Policy is subject to change with or without notice. It is your responsibility to read this Privacy Policy in its entirety to understand how we run this Privacy Policy. By accessing our services, you accept and agree to this Privacy Policy, even if changes are made after you have received the terms. Please refer to this Privacy Policy regularly if you wish to know if any changes have been made.


If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us with “Privacy Policy” in the subject line.

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